Writing a exception to policy memo army

Since this blog was originally posted this morning, I have been advised that there have also been incidents at Fort Carson, Colorado, and Fort Benning, Georgia.

Writing a exception to policy memo army

By Kathy Gilberd Updated: The most recent update timestamp is below the article. On July 26th, President Trump tweeted his decision that transgender personnel would no longer be able to serve in the military. Policy by tweet left people, including Pentagon officials, confused about what would happen and when.

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The next day, the 27th, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff informed the services that no policy change will go into effect until Trump has issued a new policy to DoD, and DoD in turn issues a policy change. Until then, the JCS Chairman says, current regs are in effect.

He added that all servicemembers would be treated with respect. Under previous policy, they were prohibited from enlisting in the service and subject to administrative discharge if they began gender transition or simply announced their desire to do so.

While the new policy has significant limitations, and places much control in the hands of doctors and commanders, it represented a real victory for those who fought against the prior policy. Unfortunately, the military services formally requested that the enlistment policy be postponed, ostensibly to consider implementation issues.

The Secretary of Defense accepted the recommendation and, on June 30,delayed implementation of the policy until January 1, It is not yet clear whether the standards for enlistment set out in the policy will remain the same, or whether they will be changed or the policy rescinded during the delay period.

Enlistment standards are framed in the negative in the DoD Memorandum. A history of medical treatment associated with gender transition will be disqualifying unless a licensed medical provider certifies that a the applicant has finished all medical treatment associated with the transition; b the applicant has been stable in the preferred gender for 18 months; and c if receiving cross-sex hormone therapy after transition, the applicant has been stable on such hormones for 18 months.

writing a exception to policy memo army

Transitioning in the service The DTM required DoD to establish policy by October 1,under which transgender Service members may transition gender while in the service. Also by that date, the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness was required to issue further guidance on provision of medical care and treatment of transgender Service members.

DoD Directives on equal opportunity are to be revised to incorporate prohibition of such discrimination, and individual Service regulations must be updated to conform to those Directives.

The Memorandum also requires DoD to create training and educational materials designed for transgender personnel, commanders, medical professionals, and all Service members regarding the new policies. Training materials were to be provided to the Services by October 1,and the Services were required to develop implementing plans for education no later than November 1, The Instruction states at Paragraph 1.

Command decision-making on medical treatment Subparagraph d of Paragraph 1. This, too, may be an area in which legal assistance for transgender personnel would be essential.

The Instruction does require the Service Secretaries to establish Service Central Coordination Cells SCCCs to provide commanders with medical, legal and other advice and assistance on gender transition and service by transgender personnel, and to assist them in carrying out implementing regulations.

FOR Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, AHRC-OPL-R, Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY SUBJECT: Request for Exception to Policy for Voluntary Retirement, REF: COL John Doe, 70K, MS, United States . hrh policy memo). s. fort rucker directive memo, atzq-cdf-p, subject: required documentation to c. specific waiver and exception to policy (etp) guidance can be found in paragraphs 9 and 5. responsibilities. chance to evaluate the applicant’s writing and ability to express a desire to. The (Installation/Unit involved) requests an exception to policy to have ast Name», «First=Name» «MÏ» SSN: , currently assigned to paren Unit ddr to attend the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course (Class #).

Transition requests The Instruction repeats the existing requirement that active and reserve members notify military medical personnel and their commanders of significant health information, including whether they have or have had a condition that may limit their performance of duties.

The response must be in writing and must include notice of any actions the commander intends to take in keeping with the Instruction and implementing regulations. But the commander may make changes to a previously approved approach to or an exception to the gender transition at any time prior to the change to DEERS, if he or she determines the modification is necessarily and appropriate.

If military medical providers determine that continued care, such as hormone treatment, is needed after the DEERS change, the gender marker change does not preclude the treatment. Members are subject to entry level separation during initial training, defined as the first days of active service if they have a medical condition that impairs ability to complete training.

ROTC and service academy members are to be discharged if they have a medical condition that impairs ability to complete training or access into the military.

The Instruction notes that ROTC and academy cases are each unique and should be evaluated on the basis of individual circumstances, but that members must be able to meet accession medical standards to qualify for graduation and appointment.

Reserves Reservists are subject to the same provisions, with a few exceptions. All reserve members except Selected Reserve full-time support personnel, who will follow the active-duty approval process must submit to their command a medical evaluation including a medical treatment plan for transition.

Conclusion While much remains to be filled in on the policies for transgender personnel in the military, the DTM and Instruction give a good overview.

It is clear that the services will retain a great deal of control over gender transition and the service of transgender personnel.

Despite the language prohibiting discrimination, this broad control may lead to official and unofficial discriminatory treatment. Continued public pressure on DoD may be effective in retaining the in-service policies and initiating the enlistment policy, but this remains an uncertain time for transgender recruits and servicemembers.This policy applies to all permanent Active Army installations, U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve installations, sites, and facilities operated Any requests for exception to this policy will be forwarded in writing through the chain-of-command to the DASA (E&S) for approval.

Scanned Document Created Date. Certain Soldiers who are found unfit by the PEB may request to be Continued on Active Duty (COAD) or in Active Reserve (COAR) status as an exception to policy. Approval for COAD/COAR rests with Human Resources Command and the National Guard.

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH AND MATERIEL COMMAND SCOTT STREET FORT DETRICK, MARYLAND Request for Exception to Policy for Voluntary Retirement, REF: COL John United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command.

1. Under the provisions of law cited in AR , paragraph , I request an.

writing a exception to policy memo army

The (Installation/Unit involved) requests an exception to policy to have ast Name», «First=Name» «MÏ» SSN: , currently assigned to paren Unit ddr to attend the Battle Staff Noncommissioned Officer Course (Class #).

Army in Europe Regulation * Headquarters U.S. Naval Forces Europe/U.S. Sixth Fleet Naples, Italy Permission to register nontactical vehicles must be granted in writing from the garrison provost marshal, chief of security forces, or director of logistics, as applicable.

policy published in Army in Europe publications. (4) Evaluate. Army Memo Template. The above template will speed up memo writing time. The fill-in sections can be tabbed through and there are styles set throughout that ensure proper formatting.

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