Writing a diary entry sample

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Writing a diary entry sample

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Diary writing usually involves the regularized recording of personal feelings and reflections on a topic. It facilitates growth of self-awareness and self-reliance. Written in the solitude on blank pages, writers can reflect on their life experience, contemplate future directions and come to trust their own answers.

Sometimes the events of the day leave one with a sense of joy or hurt or even anger which one can give vent to, through a brief diary recording, usually, at the end of the day.

Diary writing involves more than just a straightforward recording of thoughts about a subject or a set of headings. Since diary writing is very confidential, the writer is at liberty to condemn, curse or praise anyone, without fear or apprehensions.

Generally, diary is used to bounce off ideas, to unburden oneself. However it can be regarded as a sign of personal growth. An entry is made in the diary, so that, the day with its accompanying emotions may be remembered. However the following points can be mentioned.

Some writers address the diary with a particular name. Write the diary in first person since this is your personal story on account of an event. Write the events in the correct order. Provide important details of the place, time, people, or things that were part of the event.

writing a diary entry sample

Write about your feelings in detail and explain why you feel that way. It should not record weather records, recipes or reminders etc. It should be honest and truthful observation of people or oneself. Even if ideas look disjointed, it should not matter.

You should record or write something that really inspires you and which you would like to read later. Write a diary entry of about words about your experience that enthralls you whenever you recollect your visit.

Saturday, 11th January 9. I with my friends went to Shimla. Luckily when we were strolling leisurely on the mall and viewing the view of the mountains and greenery, the snow began to fall.

The Freedom Writers Diary Summary & Study Guide

Soon everything looked covered in a white sheet. We went into a playing mood, made snowballs and threw at one another. The entire scenario was simply lovely. It remains embedded in my consciousness.

Whenever I recollect the scene and the time that we spent in that most joyful scene, my heart starts dancing with a great pleasure. I feel like William Wordsworth when he recollected the dancing scene of the daffodils later and derived immense pleasure.

Creative writing diary entry essays

Truly the visit is my greatest treasure of joy and bliss. Write a diary entry in words about how you enjoyed the celebration of your birthday last week when several friends and relatives made the occasion lively and worth remembering. Imagine you have been selected as a member of Team India and as a result you are on top of the world.

Write a diary entry in about words giving vent to your feelings and in relation to your motherland.Don’t Call It A Diary The word “diary” may seem too personal and turn your students off. Call it something else like a “writer’s notebook,” and explain to your students that journaling is simply an informal type of writing practice that can be used in many different disciplines including science, art, and yes, language learning.

writing a diary entry sample

SamplePrestwick House Response Journal ™ Literature Literary Touchstone Classics Literature Teaching Units Grammar and Writing College and Career Readiness: Writing Grammar for Writing Vocabulary Vocabulary Power Plus Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots Write a diary entry that describes Creon’s suffering from a first-hand point of view.

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Transcript of Diary Writing KS3. What is a diary? Your task!! A diary (or journal) is a book where an individual keeps a record of their events, feelings and experiences. Can you think of any examples? - Shows which day the diary entry is about. First person - Writer is writing about themselves.

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