Write away software

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Write away software

This may mean the registry entry is corrupt, your system administrator has placed limitations or the device write away software is corrupt.

It may also mean the storage device is actually write-protected.

write away software

The exact message would be: The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk Is There A Hardware Lock Some external devices such as pen drives carry a hardware lock in the form of switch. You need to see if the device has a switch and if it is pushed to protect the device from accidental writing.

Remove the device from computer and if the switch is in on state, push it back to disable write protection. Press Enter You can now see Registry Editor.

In the box that appears, enter 3. After changing the registry value, try to save anything to the external drive that is giving you the problem. If you are still receiving the message, the problem may be with the device.


Try attaching another external storage device and see if it works. The next section explains how to troubleshoot the message: Disk Is Write Protected — assuming the problem lies with the device Boot into Safe Mode and Format the Device You will not be able to format the device if you try to do it after booting into Windows normally.

You will receive the same message saying a device is write-protected. As soon as the computer turns on again, press F8. You will see a menu with Boot Into Safe Mode as an option. Select that option using arrow keys and press Enter.

For example, if the problem drive is F, type format f: Be aware that typing format will remove the contents of the storage device.

Make sure you are using this option at the point where all you want is to be able to use the device again. Also, make sure you know the drive letter as entering a wrong drive letter will totally erase the data of the related drive. After the format, try to save anything to the disk.

If you are able to save, the problem is fixed. If not, and if you wish, you can proceed with the next troubleshooting step at your own risk. Destructive Write Testing Destructive write tests often solve the problem when the file tables of external storage devices are corrupt.

write away software

Though you will be able to access the device in most cases, the chances that you will find old data on those devices are slim. Almost all destructive write tests destroy the file allocation table completely and create a new one.

You may also need to format the disk before you can store any data on it — after the testing. There are some good third party software that help you achieve this.

I would recommend HD Tune. The free version is enough to get you your disk back working. However, do not expect to recover old data. You may try data recovery tools after the destructive write testing, but as said earlier, chances would be slim.

This post talks about modifying another registry key and how to use the command prompt to remove the Write Protection. This explains how to remove the message saying Disk is write-protected.

If you need further guidance, please leave a comment mentioning the type of disk and operating system you are using.Three months ago I started writing a memoir.

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