William somerset maugham

Ostensibly a distillation of his diary, kept over some 50 years, it was more interesting to the aspiring novelist for the gnomic advice Maugham offered on the craft of writing.

William somerset maugham

Biography of William Somerset Maugham William Somerset MaughamEnglish playwright and author wrote Of Human Bondage ; He did not know how wide a country, arid and precipitous, must be crossed before the traveller through life comes to an acceptance of reality.

It is an illusion that youth is happy, an illusion of those who have lost it; but the young know they are wretched, for they are full of the truthless ideals which have been instilled into them, and each time they come in contact with the real they are bruised and wounded.

Philip Carey sets out on an unconventional life, struggling in his search for spiritual and artistic freedom. When he becomes immersed in his obsession for Mildred, sacrificing any shred of self-respect he had, William somerset maugham takes much destruction and the ultimate insult to end their sordid affair.

Like his protagonist, Maugham himself would live for many years in search of his calling and a place where he belonged. He courted much controversy through his works including accusations of a thinly-veiled satirical attack on Thomas Hardy in William somerset maugham and Ale Although he was homosexual, he married once and had numerous affairs with women, many of his female characters mirroring real life lovers.

William somerset maugham

Maugham travelled far and wide during his life to Europe, North America, the Far East, the South Seas and beyond; he also explored many professions including doctor, spy, and playwright, but it is for his short stories and novels that he is best remembered today.

There are many biographical details in his stories and characters; he avoids verbose sentimentality, favouring spare yet vivid, often cynical prose.

Maugham saw numerous television and screen adaptations of his works and enjoyed great financial success. William suffered from a stutter and his lack of proficiency in English and loss of his parents could not have helped matters when he was taunted and bullied by classmates.

But his aunt and uncle did the best they could in raising such a young boy, themselves never having had children. It was here that he had his first homosexual relationship with John Ellingham Brooks Never having difficulty with his studies, he qualified as Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, London in although he never practiced.

He was on to his next profession; that same year his first novel Liza of Lambeth was published. The experience would serve him well in writing vivid physical descriptions of his fictional characters, and in realistic portrayals of the seedier aspects of life and its consequences on the human psyche.

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Although Liza achieved mild success at the time, especially because of the controversy its subject matter stirred, Maugham decided to turn full-time to writing. He was off for a year to Spain, spending most of his time in Seville, but by his own words "I amused myself hugely and wrote a bad novel.

Other works published around this time include The HeroMrs. Back in London, Maugham continued to write, immersing himself in the theatre and literary world, working on novels and plays, some inspired by the style of Oscar Wilde whose sensational trial and ensuing criminal charges surrounding his homosexuality surely left an impact on Maugham, who never publicly wrote of his own orientation.

To escape the rut he moved to Paris for a time and from his Left Bank rooms became acquainted with the art world. But still it was not enough, and returning to London Maugham found renewed interest in his plays. Suddenly he was earning hundreds of pounds a week. He met American Gerald Haxton while in France, and the two fell in love; Haxton was devoted companion and secretary to Maugham until his death.

They married in despite his relationship with Haxton, and often spent time apart in various pursuits, Syrie being a noted interior decorator and Maugham travelling and writing.

They were divorced in Or, the British Agent After having spent so much time there, Maugham decided to move permanently to the French Riviera in He bought the Villa Mauresque at Cap Ferrat and continued to entertain guests and write.W.

Somerset Maugham, in full William Somerset Maugham, (born Jan. 25, , Paris, France—died Dec. 16, , Nice), English novelist, playwright, and short-story writer whose work is characterized by a clear unadorned style, cosmopolitan settings, and a shrewd understanding of human nature.

William somerset maugham

Maugham, William Somerset Born Jan. 25, , in Paris; died Dec. 16, , in St.-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France. British writer. The son of a lawyer for the British Embassy in France, Maugham received a medical education. His practice in a poor district in London provided the material for his first novel, Liza of Lambeth ().

Maugham served in World War I. W. Somerset Maugham: W. Somerset Maugham, English novelist, playwright, and short-story writer whose work is characterized by a clear unadorned style, cosmopolitan settings, and a shrewd understanding of human nature. Maugham was orphaned at the age of 10; he was brought up by an uncle and educated at King’s School.

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William Somerset Maugham, CH (/ m ɔː m / MAWM; 25 January – 16 December ), better known as W. Somerset Maugham, was a British playwright, novelist and short story writer. He was among the most popular writers of his era and reputedly the highest-paid author during the s.

William Boyd has nothing but praise for Selina Hastings's monumental and scholarly biography of W Somerset Maugham.

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