The reality series survivor psychology essay

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The reality series survivor psychology essay

Kim Kardashian was preparing to have her baby. Meanwhile, on another cable channel, female socialites of Beverly Hills prepare for a dinner party. Almost as soon as the women arrive in their designer clothes, the wine, catty remarks and tears begin to flow.

Throughout the booze-fueled dinner, the women accuse each other of spreading rumors, and the yelling and finger-pointing ensue. Reality TV is a huge part of our television viewing culture. But how do children and adolescents understand the world of reality TV?

The reality series survivor psychology essay

What could reality TV be teaching adolescent girls, in particular, about what is valued in the real world? And, how does it affect their attitudes, beliefs, self-image, and behavior? Plastic surgery shows such as Botched, as well as the former Dr. Many cast members of other reality shows, such as The Real Housewives franchise, are very open about their numerous plastic surgeries.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians features the life of a family that spends a great deal of time and money on appearance, with a consequent rise in fame and popularity of its girls and women. They take extravagant trips, wear designer clothes, spend a lot of money on alcohol-fueled parties, and are rarely seen working regular jobs.

The cast of The Jersey Shore spends an entire summer binge drinking to excess, participating in risky sexual behavior, engaging in physical altercations, and even being arrested. Despite their obvious poor behavior and decision-making, their popularity continues to grow. For anyone who has seen the movie The Bling Ring, this is an extreme example of how emulation of the celebrity and reality TV lifestyle can cause issues in teens.

Reality TV & Impacts on Teen: What Can Parents Do?

The teens idealized the party and high-fashion lifestyle that is often featured in gossip magazines and reality TV, and subsequently robbed the homes of celebrities to fuel this lifestyle. Although this is an extreme case, it does demonstrate the ability of this type of media to influence the values placed on materialism and excessive partying.

Aggression And Bullying Reality TV typically reveals inappropriate behavior within peer groups, often promoting interpersonal drama, aggression, and bullying. For example, women in The Real Housewives franchise gossip, back-stab, and behave aggressively, condescendingly, and catty toward one another.

The reality series survivor psychology essay

Lack Of Focus On The Importance Of Intelligence And Real World Success While reality TV seems to place emphasis on sex appeal, materialism, hard-partying and relational aggression, it does not emphasize the fact that many women on these shows are highly intelligent and successful in their real lives.

However, it was her divorce and disputes with other female cast members that were her main focus on the show. Since reality TV has such a strong foothold in American pop culture, it is likely not going anywhere or changing its content any time soon.This collection of scholarly essays examines reality television.

The first show, Survivor, inspired a national craze when it aired in the summer of Free coursework on Appearance Vs Reality In Hamlet from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing. Reality television programs are anything but real.

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Shows that depict romantic relationships or the pursuit thereof—such as The Bachelor and Real Housewives—reveal fantasy lives filled with. Noel: Keith, when I wrapped up my weekly blog series about summer reality series a few weeks ago, I tried to sum up why I don't hate reality TV.

Crosstalk: The Pros And Cons Of Reality TV. Noel Murray and Keith Phipps. 8/31/07 am The Road To Reality earlier this year didn't go further into the mechanics of making a reality show and.

The first Survivor series climaxed with one contestant, Susan Hawk, launching into a vengeful tirade against a one-time friend and ally before casting the vote that deprived her of . While the first episode of “The Dating Game” aired in —a couple of years before the first reality TV show—this show is included in this discussion of reality television because it was the first of the dating show .

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