Talking writing assignment

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Talking writing assignment

She has figured out that the person telling the story is a murderer, but she still has problems with her paraphrase. See if you can spot it before Booker points it out for her. There is one snag with it, though. There was one line that confused me.

The language that Poe guy uses is strange, and it sent me for a loop. I was confused when it said. Poe meant that the murderer was totally creeped out when he saw the evil eye.

Try your paraphrase one more time; it should be perfect now. See, he was a writer in the s, and his words are far out. You ought to look into him sometime. He was a wild guy.

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He created the modern detective story, he wrote all kinds of horror stories and poetry, and to top it all off, he died a mysterious death.

Read up on him if you ever get the chance. But, I want to give this paraphrasing thing one more try while I still have you on the phone. Click on "Did you know? Think about it like this.

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You have really been a great help on this assignment. But honestly, what is all this paraphrasing good for? Here are some examples that Ms. Goodward gave me when I said the same thing: The tough thinking required for paraphrasing makes sure that you understand the full meaning of the reading.

A lot of times, paraphrasing is needed to understand language that is old or confusing. Remember the comment you made about Poe, Perry? Sometimes paraphrasing those viewpoints is crucial.


This one is the bomb, Perry. Paraphrasing will make you a FAB writer. It adds something of yours to the writing--your perspective, your point of view, or your understanding. Before I go, let me tell you one more cool thing. He even does some lines from The Tell Tale Heart. Give it a look sometime, okay?

Now that I understand this assignment, I am beginning to like this Poe guy, too. I really appreciate all of your help.

talking writing assignment

Can I call you if I get stuck again? Call me anytime you like. Just look at all the different ways there are to put something in your own words.

Click on the choice you believe to be a correct paraphrase. This is the original passage. He is explaining that he heard another sound and knew it.How to Decipher the Paper Assignment. Many instructors write their assignment prompts differently.

By following a few steps, you can better understand the requirements for the assignment. The best way, as always, is to ask the instructor about anything confusing. Read the prompt the entire way through once. Car Rider Drop Off and Pick-up Procedures.

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Poisonwood Bible QQTT THE QQTT ASSIGNMENT: For each reading assignment, prepare your “QQTT”: one QUESTION, one QUOTE, and two TALKING POINTS from the book.

Here’s how: QUESTION = Formulate a broad question which pertains to each reading a complete question. Then answer the question based on the assigned chapters.

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