Symbols the yellow wallpaper

When the story was first published, most readers took it as a scary tale about a woman in an extreme state of consciousness—a gripping, disturbing entertainment, but little more. After its rediscovery in the twentieth century, however, readings of the story have become more complex.

Symbols the yellow wallpaper

A short story analysis: Custom Writing However, we later discover that she is suffering from what is known as postpartum depression. Gilman captures the story in firsthand experience, and her main intention is to coax John to stop using the rest cure the woman has endured.

Symbols the yellow wallpaper

Gilman has extensively used symbolism to narrate the story. The story is narrated in an epistolary manner, since the narrator keeps on recanting her story as she does not want to be caught by her husband when writing.

She mentions that her husband does not want her to write anything Gilman, At that time, a lady was not supposed to write as it was seen as improper. Her husband also felt that it was writing that was dampening her health. The narrator observes that she believed that her husband thought that writing was making her sick Gilman, However, to the narrator, it is writing that kept her from becoming insane.

Fully aware of the benefits of writing to her health, the narrator observes that writing brought a sense of relief to her mind Gilman, The narrator is, however, resigned to her fate since she admits to writing being burdensome at times Gilman, Just as her husband believes, she also feels that writing weakens her.

He feels that the house will serve them well as the narrator is rehabilitated.


However, the woman does not find the house desirable. She claims that the house is haunted Gilman, The narrator is shown her room by her husband, but she feels the rooms is like a nursery due to the items that she finds inside.

The design of the windows and the rings and other things placed on the wall convinces her that the room should be occupied by children Gilman, The woman does not recognize that the items are staples in asylums. The narrator has deliberately misread her surroundings as the room contains multiple windows from which she can view flowers outside Gilman, This instance is symbolic as the writer is given mysterious liberties but still manages to remain old-fashioned.

The narrator is also able to see people walking in numerous paths in the next window Gilman, The window presents her with the opportunity to imagine the way life would be if she were free.

Male dominance at the time is symbolized in the character of John. Men were supposed to assert their dominance over women. On the contrary, women were supposed to behave demurely. Women duties revolved around the domestic sphere. A woman, therefore, only aspired to be a charming wife and a competent mother.

The Wallpaper's Pattern in The Yellow Wallpaper

The story reveals that John loves his wife much though he unknowingly drives her to insanity. John only meant to relieve her wife from her slight hysterical tendencies Gilman, The narrator does not agree with her husband actions but she does not express her view publicly.Symbols The Wallpaper “The Yellow Wallpaper” is driven by the narrator’s sense that the wallpaper is a text she must interpret, that it symbolizes something that affects her directly.

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Symbols The Wallpaper “The Yellow Wallpaper” is driven by the narrator’s sense that the wallpaper is a text she must interpret, that it symbolizes something that affects her directly.

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Symbols the yellow wallpaper

“The Yellow Wallpaper” has long been dissected by literary scholars for its abundant use of symbols. Many literary scholars consider the titular wallpaper a symbol of patriarchy that the narrator attempts to .

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