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Occupation can tell you about your ancestor's social and economic status. Eisenacher Historical Records What Eisenacher family records will you find? Share Census Record There are 3, census records available for the last name Eisenacher.

Singleborse eisenach

Middle Ages[ edit ] Eisenach's origin and early history is unknown. An 8th century Frankish settlement near Petersberg hill is regarded as the nucleus of Eisenach. However, there are no written sources about that early period.

According to legend, Louis the Springer began in to establish Wartburg castle above the settlement. Eisenach itself followed in a document dating to where it was referred to as "Isinacha". Due to its convenient location at a bottleneck between the Thuringian Forest in the south and the Hainich mountains in the Singleborse eisenach, Eisenach benefitted from substantial west-east trade along Via Regia from Frankfurt to Erfurt and Leipzig and became a rich merchant town.

During the second half of the 12th century, the town walls were erected the Nikolaitor is an important relict of this wall and Eisenach got a planned grid of streets and alleys. In the late 12th century, the Wartburg became the main residence of the Ludowingiansmaking Eisenach a leading place in today's western Thuringia and northern Hesse, which also belonged to the Ludowingian landgraviate.

InSt. As a consequence, the landgraviate was divided. Eisenach and the eastern parts went to the Wettins later becoming Thuringia and KasselMarburg and the western parts went to Sophie later becoming Hesse.

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Eisenach kept a leading position among the Wettin's Thuringian cities by becoming their Oberhof leading courtso that their law had to be derived from Eisenach's municipal law and disputes had to be resolved here.

The confident citizens of Eisenach fought against the Wettin's rule to become a free imperial city between andbut lost. In the 14th century various crises followed: SinceEisenach was no longer a Wettin residence, which led to a decline in urban development.

Inin the " division of Leipzig ", the town fell to the Ernestine line of the Wettins. Early-modern period[ edit ] Eisenach in Between andthe young Martin Luther attended the St. George's Latin school in Eisenach in preparation for his following studies at the University of Erfurt.

In that time, Luther translated the New Testament from Greek into German, in what was an important step both for the German Reformation and the development of a consistent German standard language. Luther referred to Eisenach as ein Pfaffennest "a clerical backwater"since during his time there were monks and nuns per 1, inhabitants.

InEisenach became a ducal residence again for the house of Saxe-Eisenach. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach in His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach worked here as a musician at that time. As the Eisenach dukes died out inthe town and the state became part of Saxe-Weimar.

Car, produced in Automobilwerk Eisenach in Demolition of historic buildings during the s and s. Inthe Wartburg Festival took place in Eisenach, a meeting of students advocating moves towards a more liberal, constitutional state and a unification of Germany.

The industrial revolution started relatively early in Eisenach. As early as the first half of the 19th century, the first factories were founded.

Singleborse eisenach

Inthe Werra Railway to Lichtenfels and further to Nuremberg was opened. The late 19th and early 20th century was the period with the fastest urban growth in Eisenach. Bach museum opened in Tourists also started to arrive in this period, drawn by the pleasing landscape and the various sights within the town.

Between the s andEisenach hosted one of the largest Jewish communities in Thuringia with nearly members at the beginning of the 20th century. The new synagogue was built in and destroyed by the Nazis during Kristallnacht in November In the dry single frauen mecklenburg vorpommern and open air, Tammie photographed neusser singleborse single eisenach his regionale singleborse nrw prover alignment and the eagles did not come true.

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