Should united states maintain embargo cuba pros and cons m

But an examination of experts' views reveals at least 10 compelling reasons why the United States should not lift the longstanding economic sanctions. Lifting the embargo would benefit the Cuban people far less than the Castro regime. Most of the Cuban economy is owned by the government and all foreign trade is channeled through its agencies.

Should united states maintain embargo cuba pros and cons m

A video camera or use of television production facilities to make an archival videotape of the session. Backgrounder for Teachers Just 90 miles from Key West, the island of Cuba has been the source of both enormous economic profits and problems for the United States.

During the late 19th century, the U.

Should united states maintain embargo cuba pros and cons m

A history of U. As part of his revolutionary reforms, the Cuban government expropriated large U.

Should united states maintain embargo cuba pros and cons m

He also allied himself with the Communist Party and fostered a strong ally in the U. As a result, U. Today, Castro is still in power, U. This lesson looks at current U. For additional background information, please consult the Related Resources found at the end of this lesson.

This lesson could be especially effective following study of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some knowledge of the benefits of international trade would also be helpful.

In preparing for the lesson, review the timeline of U. Total embargo of Cuba put in place 2. Begin the lesson by distributing copies of the timeline organizer PDF file and your list of chosen events that outline U.

Be sure the list of events is not provided in chronological order. Challenge students to place events on the timeline in the appropriate sequence.

After five minutes or so, ask students to reveal what they think came first chronologically, and why they chose that event. Continue in like manner through the rest of the events, filling in a timeline organizer that everyone can see i. As part of the timeline discussion, be sure to define the term "embargo" if students are unfamiliar with it.

Also, provide additional background by explaining that Castro espoused a Marxist-Leninist philosophy and cultivated close relations with the Soviet Union under his regime. Such fears took center stage during the Cuban Missile Crisis, greatly increasing U.

Ongoing ties between Cuba and the Soviet Union perpetuated poor relations between the U. The class will now explore the question of whether or not the embargo should continue to remain in place. Introduce the next activity by telling students that they will be playing the role of White House staff members who have been asked to form committees to review whether or not the U.

Explain that since various views on the issue need to be considered while developing policy, students will form six groups that will research supporting information for their viewpoint and then develop a "position paper" related to their area of focus. Each group will then use their paper to advocate for their viewpoint to the entire advisory group the class in the effort to formulate a policy recommendation for the president.

Organize students into the following six groups the number of students in each group will depend on the number of students in the class: Provide students with your expectations for the "position paper.

A definition of terms related to the topic embargo, trade, etc.

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In addition to organizing groups, assign one student to be the "Chief of Staff" for when the groups present their viewpoints to the presidential advisors entire class.

Since there is bound to be friction between groups in regard to their position on the embargo, the "Chief of Staff" can act as a moderator, summarizing various viewpoints, as well as helping groups to reach some sort of consensus on various issues.

In addition, the "Chief of Staff" should be prepared to act as a "discussion leader," ensuring that all sides get a fair hearing, and that any student wishing to speak has an opportunity to do so. Distribute copies of the Viewing Organizer PDF file to help students capture information presented in the video.

A free transcript of this segment is available on the NOW Web debuts its brand new issue website,, and delves into the pros and cons of whether or not the United States should maintain its embargo against Cuba.

Proponents of the embargo argue that Cuba has not met the US conditions for lifting the embargo, including transitioning to democracy and improving human rights.

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