Shark research paper

As part of the program the Shark Lab aims to establish baseline data including relative abundance, species and size composition, growth rates, sex ratios, habitat utilisation and preference, spatial and temporal distribution, seasonal variation, residency and site fidelity, individual recognition, survival, mortality and recruitment, recapture rates for small and medium sharks but also to monitor these shifts as potential anthropogenic modifications and developments take place within the bay. The aim of this multifaceted, multi-institutional, muti-species research project is to better understand the movement ecology of sharks within Mossel Bay and at a regional scale in Southern Africa. The use of technologically advanced tools to remotely collect data about the whereabouts of tagged aquatic animals has gained popularity around the world.

Shark research paper

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The Shark-Search Algorithm 4. One Embodiment of the Shark-Search Algorithm: The basic principle behind Mapuccino's approach is the following: Typical site mapping tools start from a seed URL, and crawl the neighboring Web space breadth first until either a certain time has elapsed, a given number of nodes or given depth and width upper bounds are reached.

In contrast, by integrating search heuristics such as the fish- or shark-search algorithms in the crawling process so as to go more deeply in directions where relevant information was found, we allow users to generate maps tailored to their interests.

Tailored maps have "longer arms" in relevant directions. They display not Shark research paper pages actually relevant to the topic of interest highlighted in blue, shaded lighter or darker according to the relevance in Figure 3 but also their immediate neighborhood not highlighted, i.

The server then works in three steps: It crawls the site going more deeply in directions where relevant information is found It identifies a graph of Web pages It returns the graph back to the user when the allocated time has expired, together with a Java applet that visualizes the map on the user's browser other alternate views, besides the circle-view shown here, are provided via button click on the toolbar.

Tailored Shark research paper in "circle" view The pages relevant to the user's interests are shown in context together with pages that might not be relevant but are hyperlinked to them. While the latter pages are not directly related to the original user's query, and thus are not highlighted in the map, they can still present some interest.

The context as defined by the Web authors thus brings additional information. Note that the purpose of this tool is not to simply search for information in a site, but rather to generate a global view of a Web area where the user knows that relevant information can be found.

In other terms, the prime intention of the user is to browse rather than to search. The Mapuccino system has been fully implemented, and comprises two main components: A server that consists of a dedicated crawler that implements the shark-search algorithm in order to generate maps.

The server comes as a DLL implemented in C, currently running on 3 platforms: We are in the process of porting the server to Java so as to provide it as a servlet. A Java applet that visualizes the map, viewable by any regular Java-enabled browser. While the Java applet uses some innovative techniques for layout and visualization of maps, the applet is not described here as it is not related to the shark-search algorithm.

In order to improve the performance of the server in terms of communication, in our implementation of the algorithm we used multiple communication channels sockets as opposed to the original fish-search algorithm implementation that only used one communication channel.

Using multiple sockets significantly improved the performance of the server.

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From empirical tests made against a single HTTP server, we found that using 5 sockets resulted in the best overall transfer rate. The server is highly configurable, and works with most classical HTTP servers.

It respects the Robots Exclusion Protocol, the de facto standard for limiting Web spiders access within sites. Maps up to a size of 30, nodes were successfully generated by the server required time depending on the bandwidth at the time of execution.

Recall is defined as the ratio of the number of relevant retrieved documents to the total number of existing relevant documents.

Precision is the ratio of the number of relevant retrieved documents to the total number of retrieved documents. However, in our context of application, i.

Indeed, recall cannot be evaluated on large portions of the Web, because it would be too difficult to build a standard "test site" by analogy with "test collection" with enough coverage to evaluate the quality of results. Precision is not a good indicator either since at the page level, the algorithm relies on the similarity engine to evaluate relevance, while at the map level, standard GUI artifacts can make irrelevant pages disappear upon request.

To simplify the evaluation, we therefore propose to use a measure that reflects what most users expect from a "good" map: Note that we do not use an average measure for instance dividing the sum by the total number of nodes in the map since irrelevant documents that were identified in the same process do not hurt the quality of the map.

On the contrary, they give context information and can be pruned from the map if so desired.

Shark research paper

Potential scores, which are speculative, do not affect this value. We tried to find a combination of the parameters which maximizes the expected score of a search set.

Shark research paper

Several experiments were made, using different search queries and starting from different URLs. The time-out period ranged from one to five minutes, but was fixed for the same test case.Research. Government and scientific publications supporting our shark repellent technology: U.S. Department of Commerce - Bycatch Reduction report to Congress (pg): View Report Shark Defense Technologies and Key West Community College awarded a $, grant to develop chemical shark repellent product in the field.

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Shortfin Mako Shark Essay, Research Paper The shortfin mako shark is the fastest fish in the universe. It is capable of achieving velocities of up to 60 miles per hour. It s dark ruddy iron-rich musculuss on the side of [ ]. There from day 1, Rich is our Director and co-founder of the MWSRP (and also one of the reasons why we have such a long name).

His unwavering determination and commitment to the research and protection of whale sharks is why we are here today. These have been a huge hit in preschool and kindergarten, a fun project to do along with the Baby Shark song. Get the printable shark puppets. Surprise Big Mouth Shark Printable Paper Craft for Kids.

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