Rba research papers

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Rba research papers

Lockheed PA airplane Reproducible research can still be wrong: What does research reproducibility mean? That paper describes tools and processes in more detail, but for the same reason it is quite dated. So, we start with the summary account in CiSE.

Top-10 Readings in Reproducibility

The Claerbout group developed an automatic build system for their published papers, including all the analyses and figures plus the typeset document. They used GNU make, certain standardized commands burn, build, view, cleanand a notion of the file set or research compendium associated with the paper data sets, programs, scripts, parameter files, makefiles.

They report having used the system to-date for 14 papers involving 15 authors and hundreds of files. Jump to Donoho et al. This could be the first group to explicitly associate reproducible research with open code and data: Reproducible computational research, in which all details of computations—code and data—are made conveniently available to others, is a necessary response to [the credibility] crisis.

In the two traditional branches, standards of practice already exist for managing the ubiquity of error: This paper also repeats the classic paraphrase of Claerbout: The actual scholarship is the complete software development environment and the complete set of instructions which generated the figures.

My favorite quote from Donoho et al. Many such objections are still hot topics today: They defined reproducible computational research unambiguously as that making available all details code and data of the computations.

Their additional recommendations include: The rationale behind linking open access with reproducibility was absent, and some have criticized this aspect of the Roundtable recommendations. It may have grown out of the idea in Donoho et al. The connection between reproducible research and open-access publishing is, however, questionable.

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On the other hand, open code and data are valid components of reproducible computational research. Among future goals, the Yale Roundtable recognized the importance of enabling citation of code and data, of developing tools to facilitate versioning, testing and tracking, and of standardizing various aspects like terminology, ownership, policy.

Peng introduced the idea of a reproducibility spectrum. The distinction previously appeared in [3] Peng mentions the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as an example of a project that would require formidable resources to fully replicate, and therefore proposes that reproducibility is a lesser standard that is more attainable.

Other domains exist where full replication is unrealistic or extremely expensive. In the discussion up until now, the concept of reproducible research assumed that running the same code twice with identical input will produce the same output.

If the computation is done in serial, this assumption is good; but with parallel computing, it is not always the case. Diethelm ran an experiment using an application of finite-element analysis in computational mechanics.

Rba research papers

Executing the same simulation same code, same input data with varying number of processors gave different results! Investigating the differences and the source code pinpointed the cause of non-deterministic behavior:About FPSI was established to help communities, cities, counties, states and nations improve.

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(also known OBA) is a disciplined way of. Population estimates underpin demographic and epidemiological research and are used to track progress on numerous international indicators of health and development.

Rba research papers

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