Questionnaire for coffee surveys

I was also very impressed with the customer service, and the flexible approach in which I was able to specify exactly what questions I wanted to ask. Head of Business Development Company: RideSharing "I've really enjoyed working with the Marketest team.

Questionnaire for coffee surveys

Posted on March 1, by Scott Alexander [Disclaimer: Nothing here should be taken to endorse using illegal or dangerous substances. This was a quick informal survey and you should not make any important health decisions based on it.

Talk to your doctor before trying anything. In practice they usually refer to psychoactive chemicals that are neither recreational drugs like cocaine and heroin, nor officially-endorsed psychiatric drugs like Prozac or Risperdal.

Most are natural supplements, foreign medications available in US without prescription, or experimental compounds. They promise various benefits including clearer thinking, better concentration, improved mood, et cetera.

You can read more about them here. Although a few have been tested formally in small trials, many are known to work only based on anecdote and word of mouth. Since then the field has changed and I wanted to Questionnaire for coffee surveys updated data.

Before the results themselves, a few comments.

Last time around I complained about noisy results. This year the sample size was five times larger and the results were less noisy. But one check on this is that the different nootropics controlled against one another.

If we believe that picamilon rated 3. But might this be confounded by lack of blinding? That is, if companies have really hyped PRL, and it comes in special packaging, and it just generally looks cooler than picamilon, maybe that would give it a stronger placebo effect.

Against this hypothesis I can only plead big differences between superficially similar drugs. For example, rhodiola and ashwagandha are both about equally popular.

But ashwagandha outperforms rhodiola by 0. Median rating, mean rating, and sample size for each nootropic. You can find more information on the individual substances here Percent of responders who rated each nootropic at least five the middle rating or ten the highest rating Some very predictable winners: LSD microdosing is the practice of taking LSD at one-tenth or less of the normal hallucinogenic dose; users say that it improves creativity and happiness without any of the typical craziness.

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Phenibut is a Russian anxiolytic drug of undenied effectiveness which is sort of notorious for building tolerance and addiction if used incorrectly. And modafinil is a prescription medication for sleep issues which makes users more awake and energetic.

All of these are undeniably effective — but all are either addictive, illegal without prescription, or both. Tianeptine is a French antidepressant available legally? Semax is a Russian peptide supposed to improve mental clarity and general well-being. Many people including myself have previously been skeptical that they can be doing much given how many random things they throw into one little pill.

I was surprised to see picamilon, a Russian modification of the important neurotransmitter GABA, doing so badly. I thought it was pretty well-respected in the community. As far as I can tell, this one is just genuinely bad.

Finally, a note on addiction. Adderall, phenibut, and nicotine have all raised concern about possible addictive potential.

Questionnaire for coffee surveys

There was no sign of this; people who took it legally and people who took it for ADHD were actually much more likely to get addicted than people who described themselves as illegal or recreational users. This came as a big surprise to me given the caution most people show about this substance.Paid surveys, earn easy money doing focus groups and online surveys.

Not a work from home job but good fun making money. questionnaire on coffee - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Scribd is the world's largest . The Big Five personality traits have been assessed in some non-human species but methodology is debatable.

In one series of studies, human ratings of chimpanzees using the Hominoid Personality Questionnaire, revealed factors of extraversion, conscientiousness and agreeableness – as well as an additional factor of dominance – .

Questionnaire Design: Asking questions with a purpose G Originally published with Mary G. Marshall A questionnaire provides a tool for eliciting information which you can tabulate and discuss. In many evaluations, a questionnaire serves as the major source of information. How to Complete the Dairy Queen® Customer Satisfaction Survey on The survey is an effective questionnaire consisting of a few simple questions relating to the customer experience, service delivery and overall satisfaction.

These questions are designed to gather your feedback on management of projects within our department. 1. Thinking about projects you have been assigned during the last six months, please indicate how often the following occur when you are assigned a project.

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