Olympic parks feasible solutions for

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Olympic parks feasible solutions for

Unlike its Greek namesake, this Mt Olympus is not the abode of powerful gods and goddesses. For very little, divine or otherwise, could hope to survive in the windswept, icy waste of that frozen summit.

But Mt Olympus is, nevertheless, an important peak- and very popular among the hundreds of avid mountaineers and rock-climbers who attempt to conquer it, or just view it from the surrounding region, that of Olympic National Park.

Olympic National Park is situated in the north-western region of the state of Washington, roughly in the centre of what is known as the Olympic Peninsula.

The park stretches inland from the ragged coastline of Washington State, covering a vast expanse of icebound mountain ranges, damp green rainforests and grasslands. Within this area are many discoveries to be made- just let serendipity take over. Waterfalls, rippling brooks, glaciers of them!

And what's better is that there's plenty to do. Hike, cycle, fish, climb, canoe, kayak, go white-water rafting along the Hoh, Queets, Sol Duc or Quinault Rivers- just get a taste of wild America at its best. Olympic National Park's diversity of terrain results in a corresponding diversity of animal life.

Olympic parks feasible solutions for

Along the beaches you can see otters, seals and plenty of seabirds. Further inland is more wildlife- black bear, mountain lion, Roosevelt elk, marmot, fox, black-tailed deer and a large number of small mammals, reptiles and birds. Information and assistance are readily available at all three places.

In addition, interpretative programmes, nature study walks and park-specific discussions are arranged by the park authorities. Extra charges are levied for vehicles, tours, fishing licenses and use of facilities within the park. American citizens are eligible for lifetime passes, which allow entry to all the national parks in the country.

Port Angeles is connected to the rest of the country by air, road and ferry. Trains do not come as far as the Olympic Peninsula, but nearby railheads include Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.


From either of these cities- or from towns such as Port Angeles, Sequim and Grays Harbor- a bus can be taken, or a car hired, to get to the National Park. Once you're in the park, there are plenty of options for seeing the region.

Whether you hike, go riding or cycling, or prefer to go along the rivers in a canoe or boat- you won't find yourself alone. Well-marked trails run through much of the park, allowing visitors the opportunity to get fairly deep into the wilderness without running the risk of getting lost.

Mountaineering including the ultimate challenge of scaling Olympus itself is possible, but should only be attempted by experienced climbers. If you really don't feel like getting out of your car, go for a drive through Olympic. Among the best routes are the forest valleys of the Sol Duc, Hoh and Quinault rivers; the stunning road along the Pacific Coast, and the drive up to Hurricane Ridge.

Maps, both for hiking trails and for driving, can be obtained at the park's visitor centres. Top Best time to visit Olympic National Park remains open throughout the year, but summer is quite definitely the best time to visit.

Winters, besides being freezing- quite literally- are low season, and you might find some roads and facilities closed. Time your trip for between April and October, but take along your woollens anyway- high altitude areas are cold throughout the year. Top Accommodation Accommodation options in Olympic National Park include campsites, two lodges and two cabin resorts.

Lower budget choices include the park's 17 campgrounds, which offer basic facilities and operate on a first come-first served basis. Tariffs can vary considerably, depending upon what facilities you're looking at. Bookings for accommodation and tours can also be made at the same phone number.North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation & Development Council (NOPRC&D) ($,): Planning for Climate Change on the North Olympic Peninsula The NOPRC&D will conduct a detailed assessment of climate related vulnerabilities and develop a climate adaptation plan for the North Olympic .

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Olympic parks feasible solutions for

Since the s, the Olympic Peninsula's spectacular mountains, rain forest, and unique wildlife have captured the attention of visitors, park advocates, and naturalists. Sydney Olympic Park Parking P1 Parking For Monthly Parking enquiries at other Secure Parking car parks in NSW, please call or click here and complete the form.

The London Games were centred around the Olympic Park in east London, which is the site of a number of new sports venues. Up to , spectators a day entered the Park to enjoy the Games, making it the principal focus of Olympic activity.

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