Mom vs mom

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Mom vs mom

Two words that definitely make me cringe when paired together. I remember as a kid and even a teenager, just throwing on a bikini and peeling tracks to the nearest pool or lake every day that I could every summer.

Then, once I got a little older, something changed. Other than my metabolism. I tried on my suit and my heart sank as I realized it felt a bit more snug than it did the year before. Then I noticed every lump and bump and imperfection glaring at me in the mirror.

And that was the year that summer stopped being fun for me. I stopped wearing bikinis. Then I stopped wearing shorts. I continued to avoid bikinis and swimming and shorts and summer so, you know, basically all things fun for a couple of years.

Then, I got pregnant.

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And my body changed — rapidly. I did my best to not get out of control, but I gained a lot of weight. At least, more than I had anticipated. I am similar to what I was before, but not the same. The weight is in all different places.

Everything fits so differently. Your body forever changing is kind of part of the package when you have the privilege of growing a life and bringing it into this world.

Mom vs mom

I think a big part of what helped me to accept that was the fact that my husband accepted, loved, and wanted me and my body in all its many forms it has taken throughout the years.

I may get the motivation one day to lose this weight, I may not. At the moment, I have enough stress and anxiety to go around, and thinking about weight loss only adds to that for me. So no, weight loss is not exactly a priority for me. I am not thin, but otherwise I am healthy.

That is all that matters to me. But this summer, the swimsuit and I met again. My daughter, who was too tiny and I was too terrified to take her swimming but maybe once last year, is now blossoming into toddlerhood, and I am eager to show her the world. One thing I knew she would love this summer would be swimming.

She is a water baby through and through. So a girlfriend and I planned to take her kids and mine to the pool one afternoon. But in order to do that, I had to confront that swimsuit shoved in the back of my closet. I squeezed myself into my least despised tankini. I could already tell by the amount of trouble I had in putting on my suit that I was going to look like a busted can of biscuits.

Finally though, I worked up the courage and caught a glimpse. Busted can of biscuits was a pretty accurate description. The lumps and bumps were on full display.

Oh well, I thought to myself. And off we went. We got to the pool, and my daughter was a level of excited I had not yet seen from her.

She tore across the concrete, eager to get in the pool. I chased after her quickly, just a few steps behind. My fearless little muffin charged into the shallow end of the pool, and I had no choice but to go with her as I struggled to at least keep hold of a few fingers on one hand.

She splashed into the pool, grinning from ear to ear, arms tense with excitement. She let out a squeal of delight at the sprinklers and sprayers surrounding her, and charged forward to deeper water. I quickly tightened my grip on her as she almost went face first into the water.It’s a popular saying that you can always spoil your grandchildren and then send them home with their parents.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not always the case. The Term “Mother, Mom, Momma, Mamma, Mam, Mum, Mummy, or Mommy” This topic is something near and dear to my heart. It’s something I talk about almost every day with intended parents and parents via egg donation from all over the globe – and they all have the very same question regarding their journey through egg donation.

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She also rules over Totto Land. Season 7, Ep 27 Amber's Weakness & Gary's Procedure. Amber and Andrew discuss the effects childbirth had on her body, and Gary shares his thoughts after having a vasectomy.

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