Indian legal history

Indus-Saraswati Civilization Harappan Civilization provides glimpses of Municipal Government to maintain law and order of the state. Vedic Age; Vedas were composed which provided basis for the origin of law.

Indian legal history

Over the next decade, CILS fought passionately for the rights and interests of Native Americans both in and out of court and with the prevailing political powers of the time. CILS filed lawsuits and brought attention to issues never before considered by courts of law, let alone the public at large, including holding the Bureau of Indian Affairs accountable for delivering inefficient services and poor management of trust assets.

Through these endeavors more people came to appreciate the unique and often complex legal problems faced by Native Americans and government agencies were now held accountable to fulfilling their obligations to a large and historically exploited cross-section of the population.

Indian legal history

The last ten years have been especially productive for CILS. Tribal law enforcement and tribal courts have, in recent years, flourished within California tribal communities.

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CILS has led much of the trainings and conferences for California tribes developing their judicial systems. CILS work includes organizing five annual statewide tribal court conferences, drafting numerous tribal codes including peace and security codes, moderating tribal police chief meetings, hosting tribal law enforcement roundtables and offering other tribal justice assistance.

Sometimes CILS steps outside the box and participates in unique cases that just do not fit into the categories outlined above. CILS has acted as an advocate for graduating students wishing to display symbols of their cultural heritage and on behalf of incarcerated Native Americans denied their constitutional right to practice their religion by filing amicus curiae briefs.

Today four field offices Bishop, Escondido, Eureka and Sacramento staffed by advocates including attorneys, paralegals and intake workers serve fifty eight counties throughout California as well tribes outside the state.Indian Legal History Paper VI (Optional) Note.

The subject includes a comprehensive and upto date study of various aspects of Legal History.

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The question paper shall be of marks, spread over the whole syllabus and shall comprise of nine questions in all. Indian Region has a history of more than years, but for us Indians real legal history started with the arrival of East India Company in the year Indian legal history may be divided into three periods: ancient or the period of Hindu law, medieval or the period of Muslim law and modern or the period of Common law brought to the India by the British.

India has a recorded legal history starting from the Vedic ages and some sort of civil law system may have been in place during the Bronze Age and the Indus Valley civilization. Law as a matter of religious prescriptions and philosophical discourse has an illustrious history in India.

CILS History Five Decades of Service and Counting!

Indian legal history

California Indian Legal Services (CILS) was born at a time when the country was undergoing powerful social and political changes. Part 12 – Indian Legal History – Establishment of Supreme Court at Bombay and Madras Part 13 – Indian Legal History - Judicial Plan of , First Indian Civil Code.

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