How to write about me blog page

You can use any phrases, words or characters. Avoid using the same title twice as that will cause problems.

How to write about me blog page

Write the way you talk—in plain English. You also want to be open about your credentials—this is no time for modesty! Your readers are looking for a reason to turn to you over your competitors, so you need to sell your accolades with no holds barred. List your relevant achievements and tell your customers exactly why you're the best person for the job.

But as you try to do all of this, remember to keep it short. While it's important to impress your readers with your merits, nobody likes a narcissist or a never ending ramble. And, you may be surprised to hear this, but it might also not be the place to share your company's longwinded professional history.

Some companies thrive on tales of their long lineage—fine Scotch distilleries or upscale clothing companies, for example. This is a common mistake—so much so, that some companies even neglect to address their customers' problems or include anything like a call to action, because they're so absorbed in their personal narrative.

The bottom line is There're two important factors, when keeping your message relevant and to the point: Your unique selling points are what help you drive leads—they're the little details that set you apart from your competitors and make you the single, best solution your readers could have stumbled upon.

Highlight these points—your readers want to hear them!

Write With Me #4 – fill your page. by Eva, in category The Writer's Life. How much can you write in 15 minutes? I challenge you to fill up a page. Find a sheet of paper and pen, press play, and try to beat my time! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5, other. Simply listing your name and contact information is not enough. Sell yourself and your blog on your "About Me" page, and make readers believe you're not only an expert in your blog's topic but your blog is also the place for people to find information about your topic on the web. Let’s look at how to write your About Page, make it connect with readers and serve a purpose. ABOUT, spelled out ABOUT, as an acronym, is a little formula I created to help guide you through five powerful ideas for creating an effective About Page (or section).

And, of course, knowing your audience is key to any piece of content you publish—so don't lose that target just because you're writing "About Me" page. Address your audience and explain why you and your mission are so important to them.

Before we move on to our last tip. Want some handy Blogging Guide to help you plan all of this out? It sounds nuts, but your customers are looking to see themselves in your mission statement—they want to understand what kind of problems you solve and how they fit into the solutions you offer.

how to write about me blog page

When they click your About page, they're usually not after your entire back story, what they really want is to know what you have to offer them. They want to know how you can solve their problems.

how to write about me blog page

Your customers are also looking for you to anticipate and address any objections they might have. Maybe they're not convinced that your product is the best fit, or maybe they wonder if a competitor—another blog, perhaps?

The last thing you want is for those problems to remain unresolved when they leave. There's multiple solutions for this—your credentials might put their mind at ease, or perhaps a story of your greatest success builds their confidence.

Others might be inspired by the user testimonials I mentioned earlier. In my case, I list off my experience and then drop a line for my readers to contact me with any questions I might have missed—it's a simple option, but surprisingly effective!

Final Thoughts The last, and final trick is to wrap all of these elements up into a simple, minimalist About page—your readers don't want to wade through a wall of text just to learn your mission statement.

Well, again, there's no one strategy, but when I write my "About Me" pages, I like to address three simple questions: My About me page needs to tell my readers who I am, and why that matters.

When people see that I have years of experience, or that I juggle numerous blogs and hundreds of thousands of visitors, it translates into more credibility with my readers, and thus more stock in my advice.

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It's super important that my About page tells my readers exactly what I'm about. This is my call to action—offering to help my readers break into the blogosphere and start writing like a pro.

I want my readers to understand my stake in this process, and understand that I kicked off StartBloggingOnline. If you want some more advice, I'm a big fan of Rachel MacDonald 's and Eric Siu 's articles on writing compelling About pages, along with this Blog Tyrant list that runs through some excellent examples.

So how does your About page stack up? Do you have any favorite websites, with features that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!22 How To Write An About Me Page For A Blog – Keep It Simple In this article, I will talk a little bit about how to create an about me page for your blog.

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Responsive customer support that can guide to write an essay for me on any topic and level of difficulty. Learn to write a compelling About Me page for your blog to establish who you are as a blogger and to get readers interested and coming back for more. Learn to write a compelling About Me page for your blog to establish who you are as a blogger and to get readers interested and coming back for more.

Menu. Let's go through the elements of a good "Hire Me" page one by one. This is your cheat-sheet. your name carries relatively little weight in comparison to your ability to write effective copy. honest blog‐post‐like messages from the person behind the Hire Me page.

Creating an “About Me” page can be quite a challenge for photographers. What should be included? How should it read? First person or third person voice? Should there be a client list or should it be separate. Well, let’s take a long look at a lot of those questions.

First of all, let’s take. Writing Posts. Languages: Also, give your people a place to contact you in private if they want to write to you. Worry about blog design later Type a few paragraphs, insert this tag, then compose the rest of your post.

On your blog's home page you'll see only those first paragraphs with a hyperlink.

How to Write a Blog: The 12 Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Blog