Frozen yogurt business plan ppt

Everyone who resides in our target locations. Our Competitive Advantage Our aim of starting a frozen yogurt store business is to build a business that can grow within the first 10 years of establishing the business to be listed amongst the top 3 frozen yogurt stores in the United States of America.

Frozen yogurt business plan ppt

How to Start Your Own Frozen Yogurt Frozen yogurt business plan ppt Slide5 Overview - Frozen Yogurt Lighter in texture and containing fewer calories and fat, soft-serve frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative to ice cream, sorbet or gelato.

Yogurt shops focus on selling soft-serve frozen yogurt along with various toppings and mix-ins, plus items such as soft-serve frozen yogurt shakes and smoothies as a meal replacement.

Slide6 How to Begin… If you are opening a conventional bricks and mortar store, select and secure your location. Other location options include vending truck or trailer, shopping mall food court or floor space for a standalone kiosk concept.

Determine what type of operation it will be. Research your local market to identify market niches to appeal to customers and learn about menu offerings and pricing scales.

Marketing Strategies to Establish a Frozen Yogurt Business |

Slide7 Step 1 - Design Design the shop around the type of operation you have chosen. Have them collaborate with an experienced retail store designer.

Mayo Clinic Health Letter Operating within the Delaware area, it strives to provide unbeatable services which will include an array of yogurt flavors more than any other yogurt company within Delaware. What stand us out of the pack are the delicious flavored yogurts we produce.

That team can conceptualize a store built around a theme that encompasses the vision of the concept. File the approval documents with the appropriate municipalities. Depending on where you live, you may need an assumed name certificate, sales tax permit, food manager certification, food-handler permits or a food enterprise license.

They will provide you with a check list of business documentation they require. Slide10 Step 3 - Menu Develop a menu of items to offer. Your menu will be based on your operational model. Your featured product will be frozen yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt Business Plan | Frozen Yogurt Industry

Customers love to add toppings, such as honey, granola, candies, fresh fruit, flavored syrups, sprinkles. Options such as shakes, parfaits and smoothies can be served depending on your operational design. Offer your customers convenience options like grab and go containers of frozen yogurt, yogurt pops and yogurt sandwiches.

To accomplish this, you should add a small blast chiller to your equipment list to temper the product after packaging. Procure ice cream containers and molds of various sizes to package to-go orders from the same supplier you use for your napkins, cups and spoons. Slide11 Purchase commercial soft-serve frozen yogurt equipment.

The number of machines will be based on: Available or Upgrade Operational design: B Conventional full-service treats or C Hybrid form of the two. Capacity or how much production will you require? Square footage for store configuration Slide12 Step 5 - Purchasing Procure the highest quality yogurt product available.

frozen yogurt business plan ppt

Favor options can be a huge point of differentiation in your market. Make sure your product is fresh, easy to obtain and can be delivered in a timely matter.

Whenever possible, purchase the toppings and ingredients for your frozen yogurt that are grown and or produced locally. Incorporate those products into your marketing campaign. Slide13 Step 6 - Promote Promote your soft-serve frozen yogurt business.

Make use of online social networks and social coupon sites.

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You can also launch a promotional blog or website, sponsor family events throughout your city or place coupons and fliers in complementary businesses. The sweet flavors that mimicked ice cream in the s and s have been replaced by fresh tart flavor profiles.

Consider offering drive-through service to appeal to busy customers if your operational model has a plan. Some business owners may want to start a frozen yogurt franchise. Disadvantages include paying franchise fees and loss of autonomy in menu and venue design.In the frozen yogurt industry, there is an advantage of potentially high return on investment (ROI).

With high frozen yogurt profits and a strong rate of customer returns, there is nothing more to expect but success. The assumed average of return on investment (ROI) in the frozen yogurt industry ranges from 20 percent to 50 percent.

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Homemade baby formula is something mothers look for if they find that they cannot breastfeed for some reason, cannot find another source of quality breast milk, and don't want to use commercial formula. Frozen yogurt business plan uk manufacturing making & template powerpoint in india factory | goodthingstaketime frozen yogurt business plan powerpoint.

frozen yogurt business plan pdf. yogurt shop business plan pdf. one page business plan template. FROZEN NOVELTIES FROZEN YOGURT % SHERBERT / SORBET / ICES TOTAL Source: Mintel/Based on Information Resources, Inc., Infoscan Reviews, Bureau of Labor Statistics, OUT PLAN Q3 develop ice cream flavors Q4 Q4 sell at Farmer's Markets catering change the way people eat ice cream PowerPoint Presentation Author: Luisa Santos.

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