First aid type of wound

Larry Mackay From CA gsp.

First aid type of wound

These kinds of posts have completely flipped my perspective on backcountry organization. What kind is it and how do you like it? Reply Andrew Skurka August 22, at Like with some of the other links I provided, the Goal Zero Flip 10 was offered as a worthy example, but not necessarily exactly what I have.

So a battery charger with mah capacity can fully recharge the first two items once, and my watch about 5x. Vadim Fedorovsky August 23, at James Taylor August 22, at 9: Meds always seem to be worth whatever they weigh.

Melissa August 22, at 9: We used the coupon code too. The blood clotter will be added to our bag, we live in Pinedale near the Winds and went backpacking a couple weeks ago when one of our dogs was injured and had a pretty bloody wound on her leg. We compromised with gauze and duct tape and neosporen but having a blood clotter would have been very helpful.

It was the first time we had to use anything in our first aid kit besides the pain relievers and stuff for foot care! It may be a good webinar as you already did the food one.

We take a PLB McMurdo Fast Find with us when we are backpacking, as there is no on going fee and it would only be for dire circumstances.

We bought it 5 years ago and have not paid any service fees. Pretty soon we will have to send it in and get the battery changed but it definitely is a cheaper solution if you do not care about messaging.

If you find yourself in Pinedale we would love to meet you!

First aid type of wound

The dog is fine now and hobbled out of the Winds wagging her tale! RenegadePilgrim August 23, at Great to see what other people pack. Reply Dana August 23, at 8: Reply Andrew Skurka August 23, at 8: Plus, I have found the battery life to be sufficient on wee-long trips for occasional use as a GPS, which thus saves me the weight of that device.

Reply Mindy March 21, at 7: Cell phones are a great tool to have if needed in an emergency. Reply Sean September 6, at 3: Which is way, way, WAY faster than using the little cursor arrows on a tiny text keyboard on the delorme.

I could do it in seconds on my phone.Continued Must-Have First Aid Kit Essentials. You can buy all items for your first aid kits at a well-stocked drug store.

Ask the pharmacist for help in selecting items. Building Your Own Emergency Medical Kit Everyone needs at least one emergency medical kit. You should have a kit in each vehicle and in your home. The kit needs to include trauma items for serious events.

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We recommend the 12 Survivors First Aid Roll up Kit if you want a partially stocked med kit as a starting point.

You can use the emergency medical kit list below to replace items in an. Our recommendations for best first aid kit for different skill levels, tips for first aid kit use and items missed in many kits.

As part of our emergency preparedness preparations (and because my husband was a Boy Scout), we've been slowly beefing up our stash of emergency medical supplies. Basic advice on first aid at work This leaflet contains basic advice on first aid for use in an emergency.

It is not a substitute for effective training.

First Aid Tips: How to Treat Burns, Cuts, and Bites

How to administer first aid for puncture wounds. To take care of a puncture wound: Wash your hands. This helps avoid infection. This item was purchased to be put into a partially bought, partially built first aid kit. The first aid kit was designed to be kept in my car trunk and components added to the kit like these packages of Celox were added to for more serious injuries seen in bad car accidents.

St John guide to first aid for bleeding