Explain why t distributions tend to be flatter and more spread out than the normal distribution

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Explain why t distributions tend to be flatter and more spread out than the normal distribution

One of the most frustrating aspects of weight loss is that very often the areas where you have the most fat seem to be the hardest parts to trim down. Pockets of fat in just the wrong place that stubbornly resist all but the most persistent of attempts to get rid of them.

All in the hope of ridding those problem areas of adipose tissue. In this article we will explore how and why people hold fat on their bodies in such different ways and take a look at how our environment, diet and genetics can play a major role in how and where we gain body fat.

Thanks as always for reading my articles and do be sure to share them with anyone who you think might stand to benefit. Women typically store fat very differently from the way men store fat- but even among the sexes there can be significant differences.

Just as there are different body types, there are also different ways in which humans store fat. Like the somatypes used to categorize body types, mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorphthese phenotypes are by no means absolute and individuals can have tendencies of more than one category of fat distribution.

The lack of any one outstanding area of fat makes people with this form of fat distribution appear to not be carrying much excess body fat at all and many individuals of normal to low body weight can fall into this category. Popular social media personalities, most actors and actresses, and those who tend to do well in physique oriented competitions, fitness and bikini modeling fall into this category as they seldom have any one part of their body that holds more fat than another and they tend to be able to lose fat a bit more uniformly as well when dieting and exercising.

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Plus sized models are also good examples as while they may be overweight all excess fat is proportionately distributed.

A reality that many overweight individuals who are physically fit need to embrace instead of attempting to conform to a rather superficial societal ideal. As a result most people complain about getting fat as they get older not realizing that they may have had a high body fat percentage all along, but as the years went by and they got fatter the places where fat is stored becomes more concentrated and thus more noticeable.

Genetics play a major role in this form of fat storage as some people maintain relatively high body fat levels all their lives in spite of low activity and unchecked diet without having a pronounced amount of fat in any one part of their body. However, as we mentioned earlier- it does not necessarily mean a better health, as dangerous visceral abdominal fat accumulations may be high but simply not to the extent where it is cosmetically noticeable.

Upper Body Android Male Obesity Android obesity is characterized by excess body fat in the abdominal and trunk areas- but is not limited only to men.

Upper body or android obesity is more common in males than in females and is a fat storage phenotypes that tends to occur with advancing age.

While android obesity is often thought to be a male phenomenon, which you would easily think given the name this is quite often not the case.

Females also exhibit android obesity, most often after menopause when estrogen levels begin to drop off. Android obesity is also associated with individuals male and female who are exposed to chronic stress. Our internal response to long term or prolonged periods of stress plays a key role in where body fat is stored on our bodies, regardless of gender.

To that effect, women who have higher than normal levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, tend to have higher incidences of android type fat storage.

Women with above average levels of androgens also exhibit android obesity [5] and it is interesting to note that the shift in natural fat storage in men away from the lower body especially the gluteo-femoral regions caused in part by the action of the male hormone testosterone, is one reason why some women use steroids.

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Not for increased bulk, but for purposes of rapidly leaning out parts of the body that are especially resistant to fat loss in the female body. A practice that is sadly popular among many female fitness and physique athletes, but it is a short cut that comes with potentially harmful side effects.

All the while similar results can be achieved safely and naturally in women through proper nutrition and exercise- but over a longer period of time. Lower Body Gynoid Female Obesity Gynoid or female obesity is the second so called sex specific fat accumulation categorization though it should be noted that fat distribution is not necessarily always gender specific.

Explain why t distributions tend to be flatter and more spread out than the normal distribution

Gynoid obesity manifests itself in very specific ways- fat is stored in the hip, thigh and buttocks in addition to the lower abdominal area and above the triceps muscles in the back of the upper arms.

Visceral Abdominal Fat Accumulation: Men on average tend to have more visceral abdominal fat than women and those who are obese tend to have more visceral fat than those who are on the leaner side.

Studies suggest that genetics play a significant factor in how much visceral abdominal fat you store[10] and women with high cortisol levels also tend to have higher levels of this form of fat.

Lean fat free muscle mass is responsible for the lion share of calories burned throughout the course of the day and men naturally have higher levels of muscle mass than their female counterparts. One well controlled study compared a group of men and women who underwent a six month training program of both aerobic and resistance type exercises to determine gender based variance in increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat stores.

Unlike many other studies, this research project employed both X ray and magnetic resonance imaging MRI to assess changes in body mass.

Changes that give us some clear insight into the differences between the genders in this respect. Yet no reductions in fat tissue were detected in the X ray or MRI scans.However, a normal distribution is more of a theoretical ideal than a common reality in social science.

The concept and application of it as a lens through which to examine data is through a useful tool for identifying and visualizing norms and trends within a data set.

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Explain why t distributions tend to be flatter and more spread out than the normal distribution. The sample variance (s^2) in the t formula changes from one sample to .

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The Behavior of the Sample Mean