Characters in the good earth

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Characters in the good earth

Wang Lung is a young man of about twenty when the novel begins. He is a small farmer who manages to eke out a living from the land he and his father own. As a countryman, he feels out of place in the town and is intimidated when he first goes to the House of Hwang to collect the bride his father has arranged for him.

He does not know how to behave amongst wealthy people, and is Characters in the good earth of his lowly status, although he does not resent it.

Wang Lung is an honest, hard-working man who loves the land, even though drought, famine and flood make his living a precarious one.

He adheres to traditional values, honoring his relatives, for example, even when his uncle shamelessly exploits his good nature.

When famine forces Wang Lung and his family to go south in order to survive, he earns money carrying a rickshaw.

But when a mob breaks into a rich house, he is carried along with it and steals a large amount of silver from a frightened man. Wang Lung returns to his land and uses the silver to build his prosperity. He buys more land and employs people to attend it, and builds a bigger house.

He becomes known in the town for his wealth, he is respected. People borrow money from him and ask his advice, and he adjudicates on property disputes. But after Wang Lung becomes wealthy and no longer has to fear penury, he faces other challenges. He no longer works directly on the land and seems in danger of losing his connection to it and the values it represents to him.

He gets infatuated with a prostitute and spends money on her and himself, which is quite unlike his usual responsible self. He allows himself to become vain, and he also neglects his wife. But he never completely loses touch with the values he grew up with, in which the land was the basis of human happiness.

At the end of the novel, when he is about seventy years old, he leaves his house in the town and returns to live on his land until his death.

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O-lan is a slave at the House of Hwang from the age of ten until about twenty, when she is given to Wang Lung as his wife. She is not pretty, and says little.

However, she becomes a hard-working and loyal wife, running the household well, and helping Wang Lung in the fields. She also produces three sons and two daughters. Even though O-lan has much down-to-earth, practical wisdom, never complains about her lot, and offers her husband sound advice, Wang Lung does not regard her as his equal.

Nor does he love her, a bitter fact that O-lan is aware of. When Wang Lung becomes wealthy, he takes a mistress, no longer sleeps with O-lan, and criticizes her cruelly.

Characters in the good earth

O-lan dies after a long illness, clinging to life just long enough to see her eldest son married. As long as he is given food and drink, he does not take much notice of the world around him.

When during the famine, the family is forced to move south in search of food, he refuses to beg on the streets like O-lan and her sons. When he discovers this, Wang Lung forces himself to be polite to his uncle and his family. But he manages to turn his uncle into an opium addict, after which the uncle just lies on his bed all day smoking the drug and not giving Wang Lung any trouble.

She has seven children, six of whom are girls. Three die during the drought and famine.

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On Dvd & Streaming They quickly become addicted and no longer trouble Wang Lung. Refugees return from the south and borrow money at high interest from Wang Lung to buy seed.
The Good Earth Characters - Plot[ edit ] The story begins on Wang Lung 's wedding day and follows the rise and fall of his fortunes. The House of Hwang, a family of wealthy landowners, lives in the nearby town, where Wang Lung's future wife, O-Lanlives as a slave.
SparkNotes: The Good Earth: Character List A five-hundred-acre farm in Porter Ranch, Californiawas transformed into a replica of Chinese farmland for this film.

Wang Lung, although he dislikes her, finds that she has her uses. She also befriends Lotus. Later, like her husband, she becomes an opium addict. He is also lazy. He does no work, and just hangs around the house all day. He is also notorious for his lustful pursuit of women.

Characters in the good earth

He remains belligerent and obnoxious, and during his stay in the town he fathers a child by Pear Blossom. He later helps his father at the grain markets because he can read and write, and then continues his studies at a university in the south.

The eldest son develops different values from his father.The Good Earth is a American drama film about Chinese farmers who struggle to survive. It was adapted by Talbot Jennings, Tess Slesinger, and Claudine West from the play by Owen Davis and Donald Davis, which was in itself based on the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl S. film was directed by Sidney Franklin, with uncredited contributions by Victor. History. Andy Maguire was an student at Midtown High, the same school Peter Parker attended, but unlike Parker, he was not a good student, was completely ignored by everyone and his parents did not pay much attention to him, Maguire getting by as a C-average student as he was content simply not to fail rather than trying to actually succeed..

One day during a demonstration at Horizon Labs. Pearl S. Buck was born on June 26, , in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Pearl began to publish stories and essays in the s, in magazines such as The Nation, The Chinese Recorder, Asia, and The Atlantic Monthly. Her first novel, East Wind, West Wind, was published by the John Day Company in In , John Day published Pearl’s second novel, The Good Earth.

The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S. Buck published in and awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in The best-selling novel in the United States in both and was an influential factor in Buck's winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in It is the first book in a trilogy that includes Sons () and A House Divided ()..

The novel, which dramatizes family life in. The Good Earth, based on Pearl Buck's sprawling novel, is the story of a Chinese farming couple whose lives are torn apart by poverty, greed and nature.

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The Good Earth is a novel by Pearl S. Buck published in and awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in The best-selling novel in the United States in both and was an influential factor in Buck's winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in It is the first book in a trilogy that includes Sons () and A House Divided ()..

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