Celebrating my birthday

And because my wonderful husband knows this so well, he put together a day full of them for my birthday last week.

Celebrating my birthday

What about those who celebrate Mawlid, but forbid people from standing at the conclusion of Mawlid for sending darudor salawat — blessings and salutations — on the Prophet, Peace be upon him? And what about the objections of some to using the phrase: Other celebrations, like Mawlid, are neither obligatory nor forbidden.

We are living in a time when the enemies of Islam are destroying the Umma of the Prophet from within and without, without mercy, and there are now very few believers who are able to oppose them.

We have reached a time of jahiliyya ignorance among the Muslims, so much so that the Truth has become a commodity and Falsehood has become the norm. Yet in this time, more than any other time, we are finding that the attacks of our enemies are not the only cause of our suffering. They are not happy to fight the enemies of Islam but instead find it necessary to fight Muslims and the community of believers throughout the Muslim world.

Therefore I felt it was my duty to prepare a defense of the believers from the attacks of these Muslims, who have nothing to do while our enemies are rending the Umma, except to find Celebrating my birthday with the beliefs of other Muslims.

They take great pains to find anything that their scholars might consider doubtful as an excuse to deride Celebrating my birthday denigrate the faith of Muslims, calling them names like: Before going in-depth into explanations, I would like to present three statements: We say that celebrating the Mawlid of the Prophet is acceptable, that to make gatherings for the hearing of his Sira Life and listening to Madh Praise that has been written for him is acceptable, and that giving food to people and bringing happiness to the Umma on that occasion is acceptable.

This is a way to make children love and remember their Prophet, by giving them food and juice and gifts to make them happy. Love of the Prophet is what differentiates the believers in the perfection of their iman.

Celebrating my birthday

In an authentic hadith related in Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said: Send peace and blessings on the Prophet, his family, and his companions.

We quote from the book Kitab al-Madkhal by Ibn al-hajj Vol. On that day I was born. Therefore that day gives honor to that month, because that is the day of the Prop… and he said: I am the master of the children of Adam and I say that without pride… and he said: Adam and whoever is descended from him are under my flag on the day of Judgment.

These hadiths were transmitted by the Shaikhayn [Bukhari and Muslim]. And Muslim quotes in his Sahih, the Prophet said, On that day Monday I was born and on that day the first message was sent to me. This means that the Prophet was expressing his happiness for that day by fasting, which is a kind of worship.

Since the Prophet emphasized that day by fasting, worship in any form to emphasize that day is also acceptable. Even if we change the form, the essence is kept. Therefore, fasting, giving food to the poor, coming together to praise the Prophet, or coming together to remember his good manners and good behavior, all of this is considered a way of emphasizing that day.

This order came because joy makes the heart grateful for the mercy of Allah. Because the Prophet was sent as a mercy to all mankind, it is incumbent not only upon Muslims, but upon all human beings to rejoice in his person. The Prophet always made the connection between religious events and historical events, so that when the time returned for a significant event, he reminded his sahaba to celebrate that day and to emphasize it, even if it had happened in the distant past.

This principle can be found in the following hadith of Bukhari and others: He asked about that day and they told him that on that day, Allah saved their Prophet, Sayyidina Musa and drowned their enemy.

Celebrating my birthday

Therefore they are fasting on that day to thank Allah for that favor. Coming together and remembering the Prophet causes us to pray on him and to praise him. The benefit brought by obeying an order of Allah, and the light that it brings to our heart, cannot be measured. That obligation, furthermore, is mentioned in the plural: Allah and His angels are praying on and praising the Prophet — in a gathering.

It is entirely incorrect, therefore, to say that praying on and praising the Prophet must be done alone.“Fortnite” had one hell of a first year.

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