Bonneville single shock

Cover, Bruno Leroy on a cc Godet-prepared Egli Vincent at full chat through the top of Barregarrow, IoM, a sweet return for the pushrod Vincent there, by Mick Duckworth photo by Dave Collister ; after riding his Bonneville for 20 years John Tarplee decides it time for an overhaul; Kevin Cameron reflects on the differences between British and Japanese industry; after two decades in a shed, a classic Velocette takes to the road again; John Healy Tech Notes — comparing generators and alternators and understanding what charging means; when a Tiger is better than a Bonneville. Cover, twin Tiger based, Shorrock-blown motors on a dragster called Icarus at Dragstalgia; at the Triumph national rally, some old Tricor stalwarts exchange outrageous stories with Tom Gunn, with other rally coverage; to counter the hugely successful Honda 4 of the late sixties, Triumph went so far as to plan their own inline-four cruiser, by Mick Duckworth; in Italy, Claudio Sintich has put a mountain of Triumph racing twin knowledge into his book; John Healy Tech Notes offers a reference chart of Triumph valve sizes; Edward Turner reflects on his return to Triumph from Japan in after visiting a motorcycle industry he could only dream of. Cover, the go-grip on a historic veteran of the six-days, by Mick Duckworth; you never forget your first ride on a Triumph, and this guy found the very bike under a blanket, by Mick; Kevin Cameron on deep breathing; Paul Garson revisits Stage Fright, a twin engine dragster; he loved riding his Japanese bikes until he discovered the BSA of his dreams; Ed Kelley updates us on this double triple dragster; a complete if unfinished tutorial on welding, by Colin Taylor; the Hansen Dam rally brings us warmth in winter, by Paul Garson.

Bonneville single shock

Bonneville single shock Alexander's Ducati Road Racer Dale is well known on the Two-stroke List as an extremely knowledgeable ring-ding expert, but he also dabbled with four strokes. Here are some pictures of the bevel-cam drive SS Ducati he converted to belt-drive cams in the early s well before V2 in Australia or anyone else.

Photos courtesy of Dale Alexander. A picture of Dale on the Ducati during a practice day at Sears Point with the cars! Dale and Craig thought the megaphone was far enough from Dale's leg, but it did get a bit toasty until slightly relocated. You can see the belt drive conversion.

Note the check valve for the crankcase extraction the dreaded exhaust sucker to the left of the carb. Tim had made plans to go to the Mostra Scambio in Imola I guess it must be the biggest classic swap meet in Europe - it was waaaaaay bigger than anything I've seen in the USA and very kindly invited me to go along.

Our first stop was in Bologna at the Ducati factory and museum. Sadly, I had fairly slow film in my camera so not many of the museum photos came out. It was so neat to see bikes "in the flesh" that I'd only read about or seen pictures of, and as I'm a fan of small road race and dirt bikes I found plenty of stuff to photograph.

The sign with it made it sound like it was a replica of a frame made in the mids. Perhaps the elusive Pagani frame? The Sparton was a cc Suzuki triple engine with Barton top end and internals stuffed into a bespoke Spondon chassis.

I'v got no idea who made it but would like to find out!

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Thanks to Joep Kortekaas for this information: He also tuned racing bikes for some Italian companies. This appears to be a cc with 25 HP at 11, rpm" 72K jpeg file DRS Joep very kindly provided this photo from his archives.

Bonneville single shock

Imola photo Here's a special - why not take 3 Moto Minarelli engines and put them together to make a triple? This is a top view of the bike.


Note the crankcases on the ground that have been fitted together. Extra cases and body work were with the bike. Primo Zanzani was the head of the MotoBi race shop, and gave the Benelli Quattro racers competitive power though he couldn't convince the head of Benelli to make changes that would have given the 4 cylinder racers an oiling system that would let their cranks make use of that extra power.We can help home sellers understand what buyers expect and determine realistic pricing for your home under the current market conditions.

We strive to leverage our experience and knowledge to help you get the top price the market will support while still selling your home in a reasonable period of time. The Bonneville Bobber has absolutely peerless authenticity; a genuine Bonneville and a thoroughbred modern classic that’s both iconic and authentic.

With its distinctive minimalist profile it delivers all the hallmarks of a classic bobber; clean lines and low stance, single seat and wide flat bars, minimal bodywork and wide rear wheel, and of.

The Triumph Bonneville T Black is a blacked-out modern retro. Smooth power and predictable handling are its best traits. Unintimidating, easy and fun to ride. Norton Shock Absorbers to suit, Commando / , Model 50 , ES2 , 88/99 Slimline and Atlas, 50 Slimline ES2 Slimline and wideline 88/99 also the Norton, Excelsior, Greeves, Ambassador '' Shock Absorbers, for the Classic British Motorcycle.


Velocette Thruxton Buyers Guide, history and specifications. Minimal steering lock makes the Thruxton unsuitable for riding in heavy traffic, but on the track or open road there's little to touch one of these for sheer British riding class.

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